Road Freight

Trust SG Agility to deliver your Road Freight safely and reliably.

SG Agility, as a logistics service provider partners locally with Super Group and globally with Agility to provide a full distribution channel network both domestically and cross-border into Africa. Our road freight division covers all short-haul, long-haul and cross-border inbound and outbound road freight requirements.

Our road freight teams have the product knowledge and expertise to provide the various road transport options that best fit your unique transit time requirements, namely: LTL (less than truck load) and FTL (full truck load). Through load consolidations, economies of scale become a cost advantage. Cross-border transport logistics into Africa is another extension to our distribution network.

Our specialised logistics supply chain network, through business process optimisation of cost efficiencies and service effectiveness, provides our customers with a strategic logistics value chain solution and value added services.

Services Offered

  • SG Agility has a fleet of 10 small to medium size trucks for deliveries in and around Johannesburg.
  • Super Group and Approved Road Haulers are well positioned to supply vehicles, technology and expertise to move cargo safely, timeously and cost effectively across the country.
  • A national network of sites allows us to store and effectively distribute goods countrywide.
  • We offer cross border in bond services delivering your goods into Africa.
  • Freight operates across both 3PL and 4PL solutions.
Glynis Jordan

Glynis Jordan

National Sales Manager

Cell +27 66 294 1751

landline +27 11 928 3079


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